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  1. How to use clinical audit to improve PBM

    Hi John That is a wonderful offer :-) Cheers Linley
  2. TP names or alternatives: what function title do you use?

    HI Elena and Neil The term Transfusion Medicine Physician is good for those with medical qualifications. In Australia, we would not be able to use this term for nurses or scientist who are the ones who undertake the TP activities. I understand that in different countries there are physicians, medical/ anaesthetic technologist that may do these activities. The TP forum steering committee will be conducting a survey in the coming month to find out exactly what roles are around, and who fills them so we look forward to your input in the survey.
  3. TP names or alternatives: what function title do you use?

    Hi Rozemarijn In Australia we have a number of different titles and some of these will depend if the person doing the role is a nurse or a scientist. I have included a few ( not all) Transfusion Nurse Transfusion Safety Officer Transfusion Clinical Nurse Consultant PBM Clinical Nurse Consultant PBM Nurse CNC Transfusion Practice Transfusion Nurse Consultant Blood Transfusion Nurse Transfusion Trainer Blood Transfusion Trainer Transfusion Project Officer Blood Nurse Manager Blood Link Nurse Cheers Linley
  4. Transfusion Today

    Dear ISBT team The TP forum would like to include an article on strategies to reduce blood sampling and associated Iatrogenic anemia after the Copenhagen congress. Cheers Linley Chair TP Forum
  5. Happy Birthday Linley with many happy returns.:)

  6. Getting to know each other

    Hello Everyone, I am Linley Bielby and the Chair of the newly formed ISBT Transfusion Practitioner (TP) forum Steering Committee. My day job is Program Manager of Blood Matters; a clinical transfusion practice improvement program in Victoria, Australia. I am so happy the forum is up and running, well done to the ISBT team . I look forward to having a wonderful 2017 and being able to continue the great work with ISBT, the Clinical Transfusion working party and the TP team. Sending seasons greeting to all and may your days be happy and bright.
  7. 9_9 Looking forward to using the new forum and having a wonderful 2017.