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      Per 23-3-2018 the ISBT Forum is temporarily closed. We are in the process of setting up a new forum within the MyISBT section of the ISBT website. We are happy to welcome you back on the new ISBT Forum soon. Please check your email for an update once the new Forum is available. Thank you for your understanding.

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  1. Getting to know each other

    Dear Ina, I am not sure why it is not working, when I click 'here' on the website an email is opened by outlook addressed to Cynthia or Shubha. Perhaps if you try from a desktop or laptop PC? If that does not work either please email me at communication@isbtweb.org and I will be happy to provide you with the email address. Best wishes, Bodine van Wingerden ISBT Central Office
  2. Transfusion Today

    Hi everybody, Please post any inquiries regarding Transfusion Today here. Do you have a suggestion for content? We are always open to your suggestion! Do you have an idea for a nice article from your country or region that you think would be interesting for other members of ISBT to know about? Feel free to send it to ISBT Central Office and we will take a look together. Best wishes, Team ISBT
  3. Happy birthday, Shamee! :) 

    Best wishes,

    ISBT Central Office

  4. I had not heard of Mendeley before, I have been using RefWorks myself but found the programme quite confusing and not very userfriendly. I took a quick look at the Mendeley website and it looks very promising, Soumya! (https://www.mendeley.com/) Thank you for suggesting it!
  5. 1) Ensure that there is consistency throughout every aspect of the paper 2) Resolve any statistical issues 3) Optimize the presentation of the tables and figures 4) Double-check that nothing’s in the wrong place or missing Read more: https://www.sciencedocs.com/writing-research-papers/ What have you put on your checklist before you submit your latest research paper? Personally I found referencing software very useful to make sure all references are correct!
  6. Hi Soumya, Happy New Year! We moved your question to the Immunohaematology forum, as this is frequently checked by Immunohaematology professionals who are most likely to be able to help you. Best wishes, Bodine van Wingerden
  7. Hi all, We found this interesting article on sickle cell patients and lowering the rate of pain crises: http://www.jwatch.org/na43049/2016/12/13/prevention-sickle-cell-pain-crises-with-p-selectin Main conclusion: Inhibiting cell adhesion with crizanlizumab was associated with a significantly lower rate of pain crises. What do you think of their findings? Would you consider the P-selectin inhibitor crizanlizumab treatment a sustainable solution?
  8. Getting to know each other

    Dear members, We would love to get to know you better, so do not forget to post some nice information about yourself in this topic. Best wishes, Bodine from ISBT Central Office
  9. Tips for presenting your research

    Hi everyone, We figured it might be nice to share some information about an aspect of academia that is probably the biggest insecurity of all of us; presenting.. I found this infographic with some tips, but perhaps you have a good preparation tip to calm the nerves?
  10. Hi everybody, We found this article with some tips on what to look out for before submitting the research to a journal. What do you think of these? Curious to hear from you about other tips?
  11. Posting Tips

    Posting tips 1. Search first: before starting a new thread on a topic that may have been discussed before, browse or search the forums to see if there is already a thread on that topic. Your question may have already been addressed, so you won't have to wait for an answer. For example, if you want to discuss side effects of the drug prednisone, browse or search for threads with the word "prednisone" in the title. A thread you find may answer your question or cover the subject you want to discuss. We may combine threads on the same topic, to make them more useful and easier to find. 2. Posting: you can make a post using either the post reply button or the quote button. Use quote when replying to a specific previous post. Otherwise, use post reply. 3. Double-posting: choose the most appropriate forum when starting a thread. If you have a choice, pick one forum and do not start the same thread more than once. We routinely remove duplicate threads. Choose the most appropriate thread when making a post. If you have a comment that applies to one or more threads, pick one of them. 4. Thread titles: when starting a thread, use a topic that indicates the specific subject. This helps members know if the thread is of interest, and is especially important when other members do a search the forums by thread title. If you choose a poor title for your thread, the administrators may rename it. Examples of good titles: o What are the cellular components of blood? o Tips for reviewing academic articles? Examples of poor titles: o A quick question o Need help
  12. Getting to know each other

    Welcome to the ISBT Community Forum. We would like to get to know our members and are curious to hear what you think about the new ISBT forum. Please take the opportunity in this thread to introduce yourself, your field of expertise and what you hope to take away from your interactions on the ISBT Community Forum. Please observe the general rules before posting and keep this forum an open space for free discussion for all members. Best wishes and happy posting, The ISBT team
  13. General Rules

    General rules 1. Courtesy: treat others with courtesy. Avoid insults, profanity, "shouting" (LIKE THIS!!!), racial, ethnic, cultural, or other forms of intolerance, or any form of harassment. Do not purposely provoke or annoy other members. 2. On-topic: keep your posts relevant to the topic of the thread. If you have a different topic to discuss, start a new thread in the appropriate forum. 3. Advertising: use of the forums for commercial advertising is prohibited, as is using the forums for any other form of personal or business profit or gain, or to promote a particular commercial business or service. If you want to announce a promote a fundraiser related to Transfusion Medicine, check with an administrator first. 4. Proselytising: the ISBT Community Forum is not the place to try to persuade others of your particular political or religious beliefs. Each of us is entitled to make those personal decisions for ourselves, and to have those choices respected. 5. Free speech: these general rules are not designed to censor opinions or promote the views of the site owners. However, keep in mind that you are a guest on a private website, so we reserve the right to remove content that interferes with the goals of the site. 6. Re-registration: if your membership is cancelled, you may not re-register under another name.