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The ISBT Community Forum


  1. The ISBT Forum

    Dear members of ISBT

    Welcome to the ISBT Community Forum. This forum is a space for educating, sharing and learning. We invite you to explore the different categories of the forum, join or create discussions about different topics related to Transfusion Medicine. 

    We would like to ask you to respect the forum guidelines and not post offensive content or content that is not related to transfusion medicine (or people working in transfusion medicine). Disregarding the forum guidelines will lead to a ban from the ISBT forum. You can find the ISBT Community Forum guidelines online.

  2. Young Investigators

    Welcome Young Investigators,

    After some time on a LinkedIn forum, we decided to create a platform where everyone is free to interact and
    share thoughts. Share your experiences, challenges you face and what you have learned that could (not) be
    useful to others. Anything is possible! Please respect the forum guidelines as posted on the main ISBT
    community forum. 

    This sub-forum is accessible only for you, and serves as a means of facilitating discussion and sharing
    between Young Investigators worldwide. If you have any questions about the forum, please feel free to ask
    the ISBT Central Office via wingerden@isbtweb.org.

    Feel free to create a new thread or comment on fellow Young Investigators. We would love to hear from you!


    The ISBT team