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      Per 23-3-2018 the ISBT Forum is temporarily closed. We are in the process of setting up a new forum within the MyISBT section of the ISBT website. We are happy to welcome you back on the new ISBT Forum soon. Please check your email for an update once the new Forum is available. Thank you for your understanding.

      Best wishes Team ISBT


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      Dear members of ISBT

      Welcome to the ISBT Community Forum. This forum is a space for educating, sharing and learning. We invite you to explore the different categories of the forum, join or create discussions about different topics related to Transfusion Medicine. 

      We would like to ask you to respect the forum guidelines and not post offensive content or content that is not related to transfusion medicine (or people working in transfusion medicine). Disregarding the forum guidelines will lead to a ban from the ISBT forum. You can find the ISBT Community Forum guidelines online.

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      Welcome Young Investigators,

      After some time on a LinkedIn forum, we decided to create a platform where everyone is free to interact and
      share thoughts. Share your experiences, challenges you face and what you have learned that could (not) be
      useful to others. Anything is possible! Please respect the forum guidelines as posted on the main ISBT
      community forum. 

      This sub-forum is accessible only for you, and serves as a means of facilitating discussion and sharing
      between Young Investigators worldwide. If you have any questions about the forum, please feel free to ask
      the ISBT Central Office via wingerden@isbtweb.org.

      Feel free to create a new thread or comment on fellow Young Investigators. We would love to hear from you!


      The ISBT team 

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    • I would like to know if other countries report adverse reactions to fractionated products? in particular adverse reaction to IVIG 
    • Yes,... I'm not coming to Toronto, but I follow the activities of the TP subgroup, of course. :-)
    • Irish-born and UK trained RN working in Canada. I have worked in various specialities such as oncology/ haematology/bone marrow transplant, blood donation, platelet apheresis, and transfusion safety. Currently, I am the Transfusion Safety Nurse Clinician at BC Children’s and Women’s Hospitals where I strive to bridge the divide between the transfusion laboratory and clinical environments. My duties include; coordinating the follow-up of transfusion reactions and adverse events, maintaining the Transfusion Manual, and staff education. I member of BC PBCO's Nursing Resource Group, CSTM’s Canadian Obstetrical and Pediatric Transfusion Medicine Subcommittee.  It is great to have this forum and I look forward to getting to know TP from all over the globe.   
    • Lots of exciting things happening this year for the Transfusion Practitioner group of ISBT including sessions at Congress in Toronto, invitations for some of its members to speak or attend different conferences/meetings and the plan to publish a number of papers including our recent survey results and PBM and the TP. Let's see if we can't have this forum buzzing this year!
    • Dear members of the working party Donors & Donation of the ISBT, Our secretary Matt Granato has changed job and the function secretary is available, some of you already had interest last year. The term as chair of Lee Cheuk Kwong and me will end this year.   Therefore, we have elections for both the chair and the secretary. Those who already had interest in secretary can confirm that or can have an option for chair.   We want to transfer and install the new chair and secretary during the ISBT in Toronto.   If you have interest in the role of chair or secretary: - express you interest accompanied with a CV (maximal 1 A4) to me - reply before March 15 2018, I will forward the applications to the ISBT office - After March 15 the ISBT will have a poll - New chair and secretary elected before the ISBT Toronto.   I trust in your responses and will handle with confidence.   Also on halve of Lee and Matt,   Peter   Peter J.M. van den Burg, MD, PhD, Department Transfusion Medicine Sanquin Plesmanlaan 125 1066 CX Amsterdam The Netherlands www.sanquin.nl   Chair EBA working party Education & Training http://www.europeanbloodalliance.eu/   Chair ISBT working party Donors & Donation www.ISBT.org   Donor Health Care (DoHeCa) www.donorhealthcare.org  
    • Dear Young Investigators, Are you thinking about going to the Toronto Congress this year? In June ISBT will once again organise an International Congress on blood transfusion and transfusion medicine. The deadline for submitting your abstract is February 22, just over one month away. The main requirements for submitting your abstracts are that it should be on a topic related to transfusion medicine, you should be under 35 years of age (40 if you are applying for the Harold Gunson Fellowship, more information also in this post), and the first, submitting, and presenting author of your abstract. Find out more on the Toronto website!  When you submit your abstract you can also apply for the Harold Gunson Fellowship, a travel grant that will cover your travel, hotel and registration costs. If you want to know more about applying for the Harold Gunson Fellowship you can find more information about submitting your abstract on the congress website.  In Toronto another Young Investigators Breakfast will be organised where you can network with professionals in your field. Some of you have attended the breakfast meeting at past ISBT congresses, feel free to share your experience so fellow young researchers know what they can gain from this meeting.   At the 34th International Congress in 2016, ISBT introduced the Young Investigator Session. In this scientific session we gave Young Investigators the opportunity to present their transfusion medicine research in an oral presentation. If you would like to apply for this session you can tick the 'Young Investigator'-box when you submit your abstract for the congress. Note; the deadline for submitting your abstract is February 22, 2018. Look around this forum for tips on writing your abstract and presenting it. How often have you submitted an abstract to a transfusion medicine congress?