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    • In Sri Lanka,  1. Blood grouping, antibody screening and red cell phenotyping can be done by Blood Bank Medical Officers (a medical doctor) or a Medical Laboratory Technologist. Cross match of blood can only be done by Blood Bank Medical Officers (a medical doctor) 2. Medical Officer - Blood Bank Medical Laboratory Technologist
    • Hi Judith In Iran , pre-transfusion testes including blood grouping, allo-antibody screening , cross matching and direct and indirect coombs are done by medical laboratory scientist (MLS) with 4 years education in Medical Universities  or medical laboratory technician (MLT) with 2.5 years education (however students for MLT degree  level is not admitted by Medical Universities for last several years) and sometimes they have to precipitate to short-time special training program. 
    • Thank you for all your responses.  they are very helpful.
    • Some responses given by our followers on LinkedIn: Taiwo Ukashah Oloko 
      1.Medical Laboratory Scientist 2.Medical Laboratory Scientist Yamama Tamim 
      Hello, in yhe province of Québec in Canada, you should have succeeded the college diploma in "Technolgies d'analyses biomédicales" and be a member of the "Ordre professionnel des technologistes médicaux du Québec". The title would than be"medical laboratory technologist". Need any more info, send me a Linkedin message pls. Oladapo Asiyanbi 
      1.Medical Laboratory Scientist 2. Medical Laboratory Technicians 3. Pathologists 4. Fellow Postgraduate West Africa College in Laboratory Medicine (FWACP.Lab) 4. Fellow Postgraduate National College in Laboratory Medicine (FNCP. Lab) 5. Fellow Postgraduate West Africa College in Heamatology (FWAP.H) 6. Fellow Postgraduate National College in Heamatology (FNMC.H) Marie Kobayashi, CG, MB(ASCP) 
      You could also be a CLS (Clinical Laboratory Scientist). Dr Munira Borhany 
      Medical laboratory technician Medical laboratory Scientists Post graduate Fellowship in Haematology and Blood Bank. Pathologists Dr'Soumya Das 
      In India... It is Medical laboratory technologists.... Gopal Sharma 
      if a person is passed 10+2 with science he can do DMLT and he is able to do cross match blood for patients under supervision of pathologist, but if he is BACHELOR of medical lab. technology he become medical lab. technologist and as per drug and cosmetic act 1940 he is able to do unsupervised blood grouping, antibody screening and cross matching.but final signature by blood bank medical officer. Deepak Kumar
      I think blood bank technical supervisor has to right to report signing . MSC Biochemist has signing right in biochemistry report . ISBT should think up gradation of technician and technical supevisor.
    • In Nigeria, these job description belongs to Medical Laboratory Technologist (MLT)/Medical Laboratory Scientists (MLS) under the leadership of Laboratory Physician/Pathologist/TM specialist, who directs the lab as the case may be. MLT undergo a diploma training, while MLS have a B Sc degree.
    • Guest
      In our blood bank in Alexandria university blood bank Egypt primary blood group for blood bags are done and approved by laboratory doctors in immunohaematology lab then in the release lab laboratory technologist do a recheck for the blood group and do the cross matching for blood bags